The Time To Start
Thinking About
Your Intellectual Property

…Is Now

As your business grows and succeeds it becomes more visible.
If you’ve used a brand name, idea or logo that belongs to somebody else without realising, it will get noticed. What then?

All the effort and expense you put into building your brand will be wasted.

› Get the right advice before you start.

When you’re successful, people will want to copy you. Rivals without your imagination and drive will want to hijack your hard-won reputation and customers. How do you stop them?

› Find out exactly what you can protect and how best to do it.

We don’t just understand intellectual property, trademarks and copyright, we understand business. The advice and support you get is based on what your business needs and exactly what you want to achieve.


Find the Intellectual Property answers you need:

Somebody is copying my company name, logo or business idea.

› What can I do about it?

I’ve got a great business idea or brand

› How can I stop anyone copying it?

I’ve had a letter telling me I’m using somebody’s intellectual property

› What should I do?



Don’t let your hard work slip through your fingers.

Get advice and support with trademarks, copyright and all aspects of intellectual property.

› Find the right solution for your business.