Intellectual Property Lawyers – Working for your Business

The focus for many intellectual property lawyers and trademark attorneys is the law – for us it’s all about your business.

Our starting point is always to identify the outcomes and business objectives that matter most to you. Whether you want to protect your copyright, designs or ideas, or if somebody accuses you of using their intellectual property, there are usually several choices you can make.

Our services and experience are rooted firmly in the commercial world. Before we start discussing your options we help you establish what a successful outcome would look like for your business. We then work together to make that happen.

We look closely at the rights you need to protect, where you need to protect them and the options that make the best financial sense.

Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights

We’ll advise you on the most efficient and effective options for enforcing your rights if somebody uses designs, trademarks or content that are rightfully yours.

What We Care About

Your designs, trademarks and intellectual property assets are the foundations of your success and the building blocks of future prosperity. We’re dedicated to giving you cost-effective and professional support to protect those assets.

Options include:

We work with enterprises of all sizes, from growing businesses with a few employees to well known national and international brands. We also specialise in international trademark and copyright protection.

Act Now to Protect What’s Yours

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