trademark a shape

Why is it So Difficult to Trademark Even an Iconic Shape?

On the face of it, a KitKat and a London black cab might not have much in common. The manufacturers of both products recently discovered that trademarking a shape is a complex and challenging aspect of intellectual property protection. The …

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patent attorney benefits

Maybe you don’t Need a Patent Attorney – but at Least Read this First

First off, let’s acknowledge the fact that inventors can, and do, successfully file applications for patent protection without professional help. I would be the first to say ‘well done’ to those people. We’re talking about a lengthy process with many …

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Patent confidentiality

Inventions: Saying Too Much, Too Soon, or to the Wrong People Could Cost you Dear

Inventors are often enthusiastic people. And sometimes that enthusiasm and impatience to share their ideas and inventions with the world can be their worst enemy. To make sure it’s you who gets the financial benefit from your invention you need …

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IP risks of franchising

How to Take the IP Risks out of Franchising

Franchising has many benefits for both parties: franchisee and franchisor. There are also significant risks unless Intellectual Property issues are sorted out professionally from day one. Franchising is a popular way to scale a business without a significant investment in …

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design rights

Three Dimensional Objects need Specific Intellectual Property Protection

It’s easy to assume that owning the rights to a drawing or two dimensional image automatically provides intellectual property protection if that image is converted into a 3D object. It doesn’t. For example, an organisation might have copyright or even …

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marketing assets intellectual property

If you Assume you Own your Marketing Assets, you Probably don’t

Somebody I know in the web design industry recently told me a story something like this: They were contacted by a prospective client who wanted to move away from their current website agency. “So you want us to build you …

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trademark protection

Specsavers Shows why no Business can be Complacent about Trademarks

No businesses, no matter what size it is, can afford to ignore either the threat or opportunity presented by trademark protection. Don’t believe me? A recent successful trademark application by Specsavers might just open your eyes. It’s usually assumed that …

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A Tale of Trademark Infringement. Or is it?

Katy runs a successful shop and online business selling exclusive gift hampers. The business is called Beautiful Baskets and has earned a good reputation for service, quality and value. One day Katy gets an irate email from a customer complaining …

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Copyright infringement - the Led Zep case

Why the Led Zep Copyright Infringement Case should ‘Make You Wonder’

Copyright infringement cases can be complex and expensive, as 70s rockers Led Zeppelin recently discovered. If you’re under the age of 40 I should probably explain that ‘And it makes me wonder’ is a line from their famous anthem Stairway …

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