Design Rights

Design rights apply to the shape and sometimes the ornamentation or surface detail of three dimensional objects. If you create an object that is unique you automatically have the unregistered design rights in the UK for 15 years from the creation or 10 years from the first sale.

You also benefit from unregistered design rights in the EU for 3 years. But the protection is limited and you may have to prove that somebody was aware of your design and deliberately copied it.

Disputes often centre on proving the date of creation or disclosure or establishing that the design is truly unique.

If the object has a significant commercial value it’s a good idea to use registered rights. Depending on your needs we will help you apply for UK Design Rights, Community Design Rights, or International Design Rights.

UK and EU Registered Design rights give you monopoly rights for up to 25 years and are often more straightforward to enforce than unregistered rights.

Two dimensional designs such as logos are not covered and need trademark protection.

Design rights can be a complex aspect of intellectual property law. The best solution for you will depend on many factors including your commercial objectives and aspirations. Speak to Roger Moore and Associates and we’ll help you choose the most straightforward and cost effective way to secure the protection you need.

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