A trademark can be a word, a logo, another pictorial device, a slogan or strapline. It can be a shape, packaging or even a sound or smell. Trademarks distinguish your goods or services from those of others – which is why they are so valuable.

There are rules about what can and can’t be trademarked. And there are alternative approaches to give you the most relevant and effective protection.

Think about trademarks ahead of time. What if somebody has already trademarked the brand name or identity you use and you didn’t realise? Imagine having to change the brand identity on your website, stationery, marketing materials, vehicles and buildings. And what about losing the brand loyalty you’ve earned with your customers?

Above all trademarks protect your vital business assets against copying.

Peace of mind:

  • We’ll tell you if the trademark you want to use is eligible and can be registered.
  • We conduct trademark searches and tell you if the same or similar marks are already registered. We conduct a free identical search on UK & Community Trade Mark Registers.
  • We handle the trademark registration process and keep you informed on the progress.

We always give you appropriate advice to help you make the right decisions for your business. The trademarks you choose will then deliver the protection you need in the United Kingdom and in other relevant markets.

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